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Bosch Solution Ultima 880

The Solution Ultima 880 security system provides sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home or business. Incorporating the very latest in microprocessor technology, the Solution Ultima 880 has unsurpassed features combined with superior reliability and performance. The Solution Ultima 880 has been designed with flexibility and individual style in mind.

Bosch 880 Kit Pic

Our package includes:  

  • 8 Zone Panel
  • LCD Keypad
  • 3 x Bosch Quad Sensors
  • Internal and External Sirens
  • Strobe Light
  • Power Supply
  • Battery
  • Adsl filter

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$895.00 $799.00 Fully Installed ( 3 Year Warranty )


Features of the Hills Reliance 4/8 Security System:

  • Up to 8 wired or wireless security devices can be connected.
  • Supports back to base security monitoring or dialling to 3 private numbers ( Mobile or Land line)
  • Supports wireless keyfobs, movement detectors and reed switches.
  • Includes high quality Rokonet motion detectors.
  • Can support pet-friendly alarm sensors that allow any pet up to 45kgs to remain in the premises while the alarm is active.
  • The keypad buzzer is particularly loud, which is advantageous for factories where there is a high level ambience noise


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